Mary Wimmer

Author, Psychologist

Mary Wimmer is a Wisconsin-based writer and school psychologist. Mary’s new novel, The Art of the Break, about cheesemaking and coping with loss, published by The University of Wisconsin Press, is now available. Here is what Forward Reviews said about The Art of the Break:

“The vibrant Wisconsin backdrop incorporates Milwaukee’s urban diversity, Madison’s free-spirited social consciousness, and the natural beauty of Charlie’s hometown, Falls River, with its wildflowers, wildlife, snowy winters, and caring community of neighbors. With an evocative sense of history and place, The Art of the Break is a novel about the complex traditional and emotional legacies of family businesses.”

Mary is the author of Reaching Shore, first place winner of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association-Young Adult Fiction Award. She also is the author of two non-fiction books about School Refusal and Truancy published by the National Association of School Psychologists. Mary has written and presented extensively on the topic of anxiety and depression-based school refusal.

She studied at UW-Stevens Point, UW-Whitewater, and Marquette University where she earned a PhD in Educational Psychology. She has worked as a school psychologist in rural, urban, and suburban settings and has taught at the university level in the fields of psychology and education.

Mary is working on a third novel, An Unsettled Time.

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